How it works

Come and find us at an open event or call us to arrange a party in your own home or a nursery, school or village hall – or any venue of your choosing.

Having discussed what you want to paint, we bring lovely samples of our own pre-made pottery blanks, known as bisques.

We provide non-toxic paints suitable for all ages, brushes and all the implements you need to paint great looking pottery with a heart of its own.

We take care of everything. We have a range of stencils, stamps, sponges and tracings for people not confident in their skills to paint lovely pottery designs of their own. We even provide inspiration for people whose creative juices aren’t flowing.

Once you have painted your items we take them back to our kiln in Rugby where we carefully glaze and fire them so your designs are set on the pottery.

The firing process is delicate and takes a little while. Your items will be ready for you to collect a week after the event.

Painting sessions tend to take about two hours. To arrange your event or request further information please contact Emma on 07779 257115. If you get the answer phone we are out painting. Do leave a message or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.