Hand and foot prints

Children grow up so quickly that sometimes you need something just to remind you who they were yesterday – and how tiny they were.

Hand printing and foot printing pottery is a lovely and timeless way to record your children as they are today.
We help you print your child’s foot or handprint as a lasting reminder of just how little your little one once was.

Then you can decorate your artwork with your child’s name, age and date or we can do that for you, creating an item of pottery to treasure. Parents often enjoy doing this in a group of friends and paint together.

The painting session is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and is great for interaction between parent and child.

Handprinted or footprinted pottery also makes a great and highly personal gift for a parent’s birthday, not to mention Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and of course Christmas. Christmas baubles are a treasured item to hang on your tree year after year.

Capture your baby’s footprints forever on any number of different blank ceramic pottery items.

To arrange your event or request further information please contact Emma on 07779 257115. If you get the answer phone we are out painting. Do leave a message or email paint@paintandglaze.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.